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Ruby Red Slots

Those who are looking for a great slot machine app to put on one of their Apple devices will love the Ruby Red slots, as this is a great app with all of the right ingredients to keep you entertained for a very long time if you download it onto your device. It is available in the iTunes app store right now and costs just £1.49, or the equivalent in other currencies – and you will find that it is well worth the price once you get into it and actually start playing.

The tagline used with the Ruby Red slots is “spin for the big win jackpot in this Vegas slot machine”, and while it may not be the catchiest phrase ever it is certainly an accurate description of what you will be doing once you start to play. Having been designed and put out by Candywriter, it has some really rich graphics and an addictive pace that you will absolutely be able to enjoy to the maximum as soon as you get started. The game is a video slot, and it gives you the opportunity to cover as many as twenty pay lines in order to try and get as many matches as possible. All you need to do in order to launch one of the three different bonus rounds is to match up three of the ruby sevens, which will allow you to take part in some great interactive activities in order to try and win some bonus cash! One of these bonus rounds includes panning for gold with the motion sensor on your iPhone picking up when you move the device around in order to sift through the material that you have to seek out the gold, so it is really innovative and uses the technology at its disposal to the absolute fullest in order to give you what you are looking for in terms of entertainment and excitement. There is a progressive jackpot on this game, which is the thing you are really going to want to aim for as you move through the spins time and time again and go for the highest possible match with your fingers crossed – and it could happen at any time on any spin, so you will feel the anticipation building every single time that you come back to the game!

Found easily in the games category, the Ruby Red slots app is 8.4 MB in size and has a lot of great features for you to enjoy that will make it very much worth the space it takes up. You will find that it updates quite frequently (at the time of writing, it is on version 1.5.2), which means that you will not experience any bugs or issues because they will be smoothed out right away by the team who are behind it. It is rated 12+ in the app store, so make sure that you only download it if you would not have younger children able to get to it at any point as this would be against the terms of downloading it in the first place. You will find that it supports several different currencies such as pounds, dollars, and euros, making it easy for you to see what kind of figures you are dealing with, and there are also several different coin denominations per each currency so that you can set your bets up exactly how you would like to. There are some great auto play settings available too, so that you can put everything together and then just watch it spin so that you do not have to keep pressing the screen constantly to keep it going. The game is really bright and colourful, as well as having a layout that is very easy to understand: down the sides of the reels you will see numbers denoting where the pay lines are and which ones you have selection, and at the top of the screen you will see the total that the progressive slots jackpot has currently reached. At the bottom, under the reels, you will see information about your current balance, how many lines you have selected, what your bet is, and how much you have won on each spin.

There are a number of options to help you set up the Ruby Red slots how you want it, with the lines option to select more or less of them, and a bet max button so that you can just go all out right from the start. You will see some great symbols on the reels, too – all of them are made up of glittering gems of various colours, and you will see different shapes and symbols paying out at different values. There are white diamonds, black spades as taken from the card suit, green diamonds, purple Js, orange Qs, blue Ks, golden crowns, red hearts, gold stars, and silver horseshoes, just in the normal symbols which you can match up (and they are listed here in order of the least valuable to the most). Then there is a wild symbol, a glittering green four leafed clover, which will substitute for everything except for those magical red sevens – and when you match these up to one another on an active pay line, they will give you a bigger payout than anything else in the game.

Then you have the main symbol of the Ruby Red slots, which is of course the red 7 which we have already mentioned. Three or more of them will launch the bonus round, but two or more of them will also give you a great bonus payout on your bet, which makes them even better for the fact that they are scattered and so can turn up anywhere on the reels. You will have a great time playing this game and keeping your eye out for those 7s, as well as trying out all of the different bonus rounds as they come up for you in game!

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